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This program is an introduction to judo in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment.
Participants will learn techniques needed to progress in the belt system and will be evaluated at the end of the term.
The program is open to boys and girls from ages 5-16.

Sensi Vincent Scotto from Judo Quebec will to work on development and techniques.

The goal of judo is to throw an opponent to the ground using balance and timing. Judo does not involve kicking, punching, or striking techniques of any kind. Judo does not involve the application of pressure against the joints to throw an opponent. Judo involves no equipment or weapons of any sort. Instead, judo simply involves two individuals who, by gripping the judo uniform or judogi, use the forces of balance, power, and movement to attempt to subdue each other. The practice of judo techniques helps people develop basic and fundamental physical fitness in a number of ways, such as the development of strength, flexibility, agility, speed, dynamic and static balance, explosive power, and endurance.

The following values will be introduced through games and exercises: Playing by the rules; Co-operating with others; Respecting self and others; Self-discipline and humility; Self-confidence and commitment; Perseverance and determination; Concentrating and controlling emotions.

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COVID-19 Health and safety rules will be in place and must be followed by all participants.